How to create a new, more sustainable way to pay for your smartphone and other gadgets

Posted March 04, 2019 07:00:53We’ve all been there.

A coworker gives you a free pair of headphones.

You’re going out to lunch, and suddenly your coworker asks if you’d like a pair of earbuds to go along with the free headphones.

The problem?

You don’t have any headphones, and there’s no way to swap out the free earbud for a pair.

If you were a startup, you’d have had a lot of options.

The headphones were free, you could get them through third-party vendors, and you could make a profit selling your own headphones.

But now, the company behind the FreeEar app is looking to change all that.

Its FreeEar is a new app for Android and iOS that lets you buy headphones and earboots through third party vendors.

It’s similar to the Earbuddy app, but FreeEar uses a combination of smart contracts, QR codes, and social sharing to make it easy to buy and sell your own earbodies.

The startup, based in Hong Kong, said in a blog post that it plans to roll out FreeEar in the coming months.

The free headphones feature lets you customize the earbody you want, and it’s a smart business model for companies that don’t want to have to pay a middleman to sell earbods. 

If you’re a tech company with a strong social media presence, you can use it to sell your headphones to your followers or fans through social media or other platforms.

But if you’re not a tech firm with a big social media following, you may have to sell through third parties.

“The FreeEar team is building a marketplace for headphone makers that can sell headphones at a much lower price than other headphone makers.

We’re not selling headphones directly to consumers,” the company wrote.”

We’re working to make the FreeEars platform the easiest way to sell headphones on the App Store and Google Play.

We want to make a place where headphone makers can sell their headphones to the people who really need them, rather than to the companies that are paying middlemen to get them.”

The app will allow users to buy earbodges directly from a vendor or through thirdparty partners.

Users can choose from a range of options, including a pair for $8.99 or a pair costing $10.99.

It also allows users to customize their earbode by choosing from the following:A variety of sizes, including earbodes made of gold, silver, and copper, and custom earboding options.

Custom logos, images, and text on the earphones themselves.

“Our aim is to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to buy their own headphones and wear them,” the startup wrote.

“Our goal is to bring headphones to more people.”