How to decorate your elephant with elephant art

A woman who made a cake for her pet elephant and posted it on Instagram is now facing criticism for her “lovely” creation, The Post reported.

The woman, who did not give her name because of a pending legal case, shared a picture of the cake on Instagram with the caption “I love you, elephant” on May 11.

It was the third cake she had made for her elephant.

But she later deleted the post after being criticized for “punching a lot of people,” The Post wrote.

“This has gotten so out of hand,” one of the commenters on the post wrote.

“It’s a joke and it’s disgusting.

It’s not a gift.

It is a joke.

It should be a joke.”

The woman’s husband told the paper she had been “uncomfortable” with the image.

“She had been very sensitive and didn’t want to upset people,” the husband, who requested anonymity, told the newspaper.

“But it was really hard to take in because she was crying a lot.

It wasn’t a joke at all.

It hurt.”

She also reportedly asked her husband to keep her company at home.

A Small Elephant Tattoo on the Face of a Small Man

When you’re on a mission to save the elephants, you don’t want to leave anything out.

So why not add a tiny little elephant to your tattoo?

Here are some of the best tiny elephant images on the web.

First up, this tiny elephant tattoo on the face of a man.

If you’re looking for a little tattoo of a bigger elephant, check out this cute little tattoo on a man’s forearm.