Which of the top three elephants in the world is the most dangerous?

2:28 A pair of elephants has been killed in China, after an attack on a group of tourists at a zoo in the northern city of Xi’an. 

An official said two elephants had been rescued and taken to a local zoo, where they were later released. 

A video posted online shows the elephants, dressed in black, leaping over a fence to attack a group, including a female tourist, and are then seen fleeing the scene.

The video also shows the group of two tourists in their own vehicle, which is then seen being chased by the elephants.

A video of the incident shows the tourists fleeing as the elephant charges towards them, while another video shows them being pursued.

Authorities have launched an investigation and the zoo has promised to find the culprits, and investigate further.

The incident occurred in early September, according to local media, with a group from the Chinese tourist group reportedly returning to Xi’en after visiting a zoo.

Authorities at the zoo have not yet released any information about the incident, but animal rights activists have said they would continue to investigate.