How to get the best of both worlds: the real-world alternatives to Pokemon Go

By now, the first few days of the new year should be coming to a close.

You’ve got a big weekend of Pokemon Go tournaments, a new game, a brand-new movie, a holiday event, and an even bigger batch of holiday decorations for the next three weeks.

These are all the things that most Pokemon fans will be spending most of their waking hours doing, and we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to do so.

The best way to go in the morning The best way for players to start off the year is with some early morning fun.

If you have a gym partner, get them together to play around with your friends and family.

If not, head to your local park or public place and do whatever you want.

As long as you have enough Pokemon to do that, you’re set for the rest of the day.

For a little extra fun, get some friends together and head over to the Pokemon GO event center.

There, you can grab a Pokemon card, grab a Pokeball, and get in some of your own Pokémon battling.

You can also catch some of those Pokestops that have popped up around the city to test out your mettle.

Once you’ve got the basics down, head out to the playground and take in some more Pokémon.

This will take a little getting used to, but the Pokemon Go experience will really kick into high gear in the afternoon.

The worst way to start the year would be to head to a gym.

While it might seem like the perfect way to get to work early, it’s actually not.

Gym members aren’t all that active in the mornings.

It’s just easier to just do the typical morning chores.

The reason for this is because it’s a lot easier to do at home and is much more relaxing.

If your gym partner is super active, they’ll likely be able to keep up with you throughout the day, so it’s not a bad idea to do the same thing.

However, it does make the gym a little less fun to play in the evening if you don’t have a partner.

Head to the gym and have a few Pokémon battles.

The best part about this?

You don’t need to get your Pokemon to level 100 to get some great rewards.

You just need to beat a certain number of trainers.

There’s a variety of rewards that you can earn for beating the gym, including new Pokemon, new gym badges, and more.

Once you’ve beaten the gym once, head over and head to the party.

If the Pokemon are there, there’s no need to go and try to catch them.

There are some people who will be there for the entire event, so you don

How to fix the elephant in the room in 2016?

The elephant in 2015 was the Dallas Cowboys.

But the elephant this year is the Minnesota Vikings, and they’ve been the butt of some pretty nasty jokes.

Here’s how the Cowboys, who have been to the playoffs four straight years, should respond to the Minnesota media circus that’s been going on since they clinched the NFC South title with a 38-16 win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.1.

I know I’ve been critical of the Vikings, but they can do better.

The Cowboys had to win the NFC East last year because the Philadelphia Eagles won the division, but now they have to beat the Vikings.

They’ll have to.

They’re a bad team, but not terrible.

They’ve been good for a while, and when the season is over, I’ll be happy with the way they’ve played.2.

You’re not the worst team.

I don’t care if you’re the Cowboys or Vikings.

You’ve got to win every game and you’re going to have to be better than the Panthers.

They were very good.

The only team that beat them last year, when they were the fourth-worst team in the league, was the Falcons.3.

This is a rematch of the last two years, but it’ll be different this year.

The Vikings are coming off a 24-13 loss to the Cowboys last season, and Minnesota’s offense struggled in that game, scoring just 35 points on 17-of-25 passing.

They can’t have that kind of performance again.

The Dallas offense is just as explosive, but their defense has to improve.

They need to stop giving up big plays.4.

I love the new stadium.

The new stadium, which will open in September, is bigger than ever, but I also love the way it feels.

I think the Vikings are doing a great job building the new home and the fans are going to love it.

I can’t wait to get back there.5.

The team should win.

Minnesota’s schedule has been tough, but this will be a good test for the new players.

They haven’t been able to put a full-time starter on the field in years, and if they can stay healthy, this will just be another step toward that goal.6.

This will be fun.

This team is fun to watch.

I like the players.

The offense is fun.

The defense is fun, too.

This won’t be fun for anybody.

What’s the elephant eating in the kitchen?

A restaurant in Chicago that was previously named “The Elephant’s Kitchen” has announced that it will no longer be named after the majestic animal.

In a press release Monday, the restaurant, located at 538 W. 57th St., said it had reached a settlement with the city and that the name would no longer appear on the menu.

“The Elephant is a member of our family, and we’re thrilled to have them come back,” a statement said.

“We’ll keep our names and symbols the same, but they will no more appear on our menu.”

The restaurant is the latest to take aim at the name.

The Elephant Restaurant, which was named after a famous elephant, has been in business for 10 years in the Loop.

Last year, it announced that the restaurant was to move to the same building as the Elephant Museum and Elephant Sanctuary in suburban Chicago.

When elephants have penises

A cage the elephant, a giant penis, and a few other animals will all be transported to a zoo in Thailand, according to officials.

The animals will be kept in a glass cage until they are ready to be released.

The elephants are the only animals that are currently being bred in captivity.

Thailand will hold the first breeding season for the animals, and then expand it to include two more.

The project was announced by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in a press release.

The first breeding cycle for the elephants was held in 2014.

The ministry said that the breeding of a male elephant in captivity would be an ideal way to test whether the animals are suitable for breeding.

The zoo will be named the Elephant Zoo.

The facility will also provide the elephants with training, enrichment, and health care, among other things.

The elephant pens are currently located in Thailand’s Mae Sai National Park, which has a population of around 1,500 elephants.

The park’s elephants are part of a conservation effort called the Asian Elephant Conservation Project.

The country has one of the highest elephant populations in the world.

But the elephant population has been decreasing due to poaching, habitat loss, and habitat degradation, according a report by the nonprofit Zoological Society of London.

There are now just two breeding colonies in the park, but it’s unclear whether the elephants are going to be able to breed again.