Which elephants are still alive and which are extinct?

The elephant graveyard is still a vibrant and thriving community with many of its inhabitants still living, with some still living in their homes.

In the past few decades, a growing number of people have been taking up elephant hunting as an activity that offers a good chance of survival in a post-wildlife world.

These hunters are known as elephant hunters, but they do not necessarily use traditional hunting methods.

There is little difference between the two groups, but there is a growing awareness of elephant hunting, particularly among some conservationists.

But what are the most common elephant hunting techniques?

Here are some tips for those who want to get into the game of elephant hunt: The most common techniques for hunting elephants include shooting, trapping, or shooting with bow and arrow.

The most popular bow-and-arrow techniques are the hunting spear, crossbow, and crossbow-and‑arrow.

Hunting with bow can be particularly difficult because of the weight of the animal.

Hunting spears are made of wood, and are very sturdy and are often very durable.

Most of the spears are about 6 feet (1.2 meters) long.

The spear is a large, long, heavy, and sharp metal.

When the spear is hit with the stone, it will shatter into small pieces.

Many people do not understand how to use a bow- and-arrow.

In this case, a hunting arrow is not required, and a bow and arrows are fine.

The best way to hunt with a bow is to have a bow, crossbows, and arrows that are of good quality.

You will need a large piece of bow and a large stone, such as a marble or stone.

The bow and the stone should be the same size and shape as each other.

If the bow is too small, you will not be able to hit it with the bow and then shoot.

When you get a good feel for how to shoot, you can take a good aim and fire a few shots.

The first few shots will hurt and cause injury to the elephant, but the animal will quickly recover and recover quickly.

After you shoot a few arrows, you should move onto the next step.

First you must move your bow and stones to the right side of the elephant.

This allows the bow to be aimed to the animal’s side.

If you are aiming the bow from a low angle, it is easier to hit the elephant in the shoulder.

Next, move your arrow to the left side of an elephant’s neck, where it is aimed.

This is the most difficult part of the hunting.

If your arrows hit the right elephant, it should not be injured.

However, if the arrow hits the right limb, it may injure the elephant’s leg.

The elephant can take damage from the arrow.

When an elephant is injured, it usually does not recover from the injury.

It is very important that you do not let the elephant run away from you.

You need to give it time to recover from your shot.

If it runs away, it can injure itself.

The next time you fire arrows at an elephant, try shooting with a smaller arrow.

You should aim it towards the trunk.

This should hurt the elephant more than it would if it was struck by a bow.

Another method for hunting is to make a “snipe” by firing a long, narrow bow from an upright position.

A snipe can be shot from a distance of several yards away.

The arrow should be aimed so that it will hit the animal from the side.

The snipe must be aimed at the animal as it moves.

It should not hit the trunk or legs.

You can also fire arrows with a long wooden pole, as shown in the photo at the top of this article.

When a hunter fires arrows at a small animal, they can make a very big difference.

The more powerful the arrow, the more powerful its shot will be.

When firing arrows, it’s important to be able hit the target with a good distance.

Shooting from a short distance away, or from a safe distance, is the safest way to shoot.

It takes a very long time to fire a shot, and there is no chance of the arrow hitting the elephant if the animal is moving.

Shooting an arrow from a high angle is the best way.

It gives you more of an opportunity to hit an elephant and damage it.

You may be able use a longer arrow, but it is not recommended.

If a hunter shoots arrows with bow, you may want to consider getting a bow or crossbow.

Most bow-toting hunters use a crossbow and a long bow.

Both the long bow and crossbows can hit the elephants with good results.

The crossbow is the preferred hunting weapon for hunters who are more experienced with bow.

Crossbows are powerful, and can be easily aimed.

They can also be aimed and fired with precision, which makes them excellent hunting weapons.

You have to practice with the crossbow a lot to be good.

Crossbow hunting is more