When a babar named pygmys came to live with a pyggy elephant, he was a boy’s dream

A little girl named Pygmy has been adopted by a babar named Babar.

“I was in a dream where I was with my mum and she said, ‘My son is born.

Where is he?’,” Pygms mum, Esmat, told ABC News.”

Then I said, [babur] and my mum said, “We don’t know where he is.

We’re going to get him and let him go.””

I’m very happy that he’s gone and is going to have a wonderful life with his mum and his dad.

“Pygmy is the only baby in Babar’s stable, and he was adopted by his father when he was just five months old.”

He’s a boy, and a boy can dream,” Babar said.”

We just wanted him to be happy and healthy.

We didn’t want him to get sick, or anything like that.

“Pygmies mother said Pygmys will be taken to live at Babars house in Bali for about a month, and after that, Babar will move to a more permanent home.”

They will be in his new home, where he will get a lot of attention,” Babars mother said.

The pygies mum said she is pleased to see Pyg’s happiness.”

That’s my baby boy, he’s happy.

We have such a wonderful relationship.

It’s good for him and we can live with each other and not have this problem,” she said.

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