What are the elephant spiritual meanings of a certain drawing?

A cute drawing, a playful one and a traditional one?

It’s the elephant’s way of saying “I’m the best and the best is me” – but it’s not entirely true.

Elephants have been known to make the choice between “me” and “you”, and “us” and not.

So when it comes to the elephant symbolism, there are some very interesting ones that are out there to be found.

The term “Elephant Spirit” is actually a Greek word meaning “animal spirit”.

In Buddhism, the term is used to describe the human being in the form of an elephant.

When we see an elephant, we see our own human body, and that is the heart of the elephant, which is what it is about.

The word “elephant” is used in the Buddhist texts to refer to the mind, spirit and the soul, but the term “elephants” refers to a body.

Elephas, or elephants, are also known to be spirits.

When they are near to us, they can be heard crying and making sounds, and can even be seen moving around.

Elephedras are said to be the embodiment of the five elements of the Hindu pantheon: earth, fire, water, air and metal.

In Buddhist scriptures, these are known as “five noble qualities”.

So when it came to the elephants in the elephant imagery, the Buddha had some very specific requirements.

One of them was that the elephant must not be harmed, and if an elephant does harm a person, it must be the person’s fault.

So the Buddha’s injunction is “do not injure any elephant, do not kill any elephant”.

It also stipulates that the person who harms an elephant is also to be punished by the Buddha, and a person who kills an elephant must suffer the consequences.

The elephant symbolism goes far beyond the physical, as we can see from the following video.

It’s a short clip, but it illustrates the way in which elephants can represent themselves to us.

In the video, we are shown the image of a lioness, holding her calf.

A woman sits in the background.

The lioness is also holding her child.

We see that the lioness and the woman are connected in a sense by their bond.

The child is an avatar of the lion.

The woman is a metaphor for the spirit of mother nature.

In other words, the woman represents the spirit, and the lion represents the animal spirit.

The person who killed the lion is therefore the one who is the root of the earth and fire.

It is the woman who is in the heart, the heart-womb.

As we can clearly see, the elephant is symbolised by the woman, who symbolises the spirit.

This is why the lion in the video is seen holding a child, and it is also why the elephant appears in many Buddhist artwork.

There is a lot more to the symbolism of the elephants than just their physical size, and you can find out more about them in our full guide to elephants.