Elephant Man, Sea Elephant Captured in Japan

An elephant man has been captured by Japanese authorities.

The news came on Sunday after local media reports the animal was rescued after being spotted in a river near Nagoya.

The elephant was brought to the police station where it was given medical treatment and will be moved to a veterinary clinic.

Hide Caption 1 of 12 Photos: Elephant man, Sea Elephants Captured by Japanese Authorities A man watches an elephant as it swims in the river near the city of Nagoya on March 1.

Hide caption A man inspects an elephant at a wildlife park in Nagoya, Japan, on Monday, February 22.

Hide by David Shankbone, AP Images A man looks at an elephant in a zoo in the Japanese city of Sapporo on February 22, 2017.

Hide By David Shankberg, AP A man stands near a dead elephant in the zoo in Sapporo, Japan on February 23, 2017, as he takes photographs of the animal.

Hide Gallery 2 of 12 Caption 3 of 12 Hide Caption 4 of 12 1 / 12 Caption 5 of 12 2 / 12 The man watches as the animal swims away in the waters of a river.

The man later called the animal’s owner and told him the animal had been rescued.

Hide, 6 / 12 This photo taken by a member of the public shows a man inspecting an elephant near a zoo.

Hide , 7 / 12 A man is helped by a police officer after the incident at the park.

Hide 7 / 13 A man walks past a dead hippo, one of the animals rescued by the authorities.

Hide 8 / 13 Police officers are seen escorting an elephant through a river in the city center of Sapporo, Japan.

Hide 9 / 13 The man was seen standing next to the hippo after the rescue operation.

Hide 10 / 13 Authorities are seen at the zoo, where the man was captured.

Hide 11 / 13 An officer carries an injured hippo to a hospital after rescuing it.

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