Why do elephants like water?

Babar the Elephants are the world’s most endangered species and their plight is just one reason why the world should rethink how we care for them.

They are often killed for food and are often kept in overcrowded, underdeveloped habitats.

And they are endangered in many other ways.

The story of Babar, a 7-year-old male elephant, has fascinated the world for years, thanks to the documentary Babar: The Elephant.

Now, scientists are trying to figure out why this young male has such a positive outlook on life.

The documentary focuses on the life of Baba, a rare male in India who lives with his mother and brothers in the remote area of Bhagalpur in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

In the documentary, Baba is a good friend to his brothers and has a great sense of humour.

The film opens with a shot of the family home, a peaceful place where Baba has spent most of his life.

In this quiet home, his mother, Nana, and his brothers, Pranab and Jitendra, live happily.

However, Babar is in the middle of his daily routine.

His brother Pranabi has to go to school, and the younger brothers have to go home to play with their mothers.

Baba’s daily routine consists of a few basic tasks.

He will climb on a tree and climb down to the ground.

Once he gets to the top of the tree, he will then wait until his mother gives him a water bottle to drink.

When he reaches the bottom of the water bottle, he then will climb up and take another water bottle from his mother.

Baba will then put his trunk on the ground and wait for his mother to come back.

After several days, Babu will wait for her return.

Babu is always looking for water.

When Babu reaches the top, he usually takes his trunk and sticks it into the water, and waits for his Mother to return.

After three days, he often drinks from the water.

Once Babu starts to go for walks, he uses the water in the bottle to clean his clothes.

If Babu goes for a swim, he starts to drink water from the bottle.

Babur does this to wash his body, and for hygiene reasons.

If he gets thirsty, he sometimes drinks the water he has been drinking.

Babar also has a very strong desire to drink more water.

Babun is the only one of the three who does not drink water in order to keep himself hydrated.

In fact, Babun has been known to drink his entire stomach contents from time to time.

In addition to his daily chores, Babur is also a big fan of animals, which is why he has such an optimistic attitude towards life.

He loves to play, chase and fight.

Babers life has been quite stressful, but he is very excited about the possibility of living a long and happy life in the wild.

In addition to playing, he loves to fight with other animals.

Baber is also quite strong, but is very soft and shy, and therefore prefers to use a small animal to keep him calm.

He is also extremely intelligent and can learn new things through observation and interaction with other elephants.

Babars life has also been quite traumatic.

Babab was found chained up in a tree in a remote area near the village of Bhangad and his mother had to go there to get him.

When she arrived, she found that he was chained up and unable to move.

She called a nearby village to come and rescue him.

They managed to rescue him, and he was given the name Babar.

Babar is now the owner of the local elephant park and also an honorary member of the elephant society.

When asked why he prefers to live in the forests, Babab said that he does not have a choice.

He said that his life in Bhangalpur has been very bad and he is tired of living in a small village where he has no friends or relatives.

When they went to rescue Babar from the forest, they discovered that he has had a severe case of tuberculosis and had no food for about three months.

When his mother returned to her village, she started giving him medicine to keep his fever at bay.

Baban is now staying with his friends in the forest.

In order to make sure that Babu does not grow up to become an aggressive elephant, he is also giving him a big tree to grow into and a herd of elephants.

When Babar went to his new house, he saw a large amount of money being spent on a small house, a very expensive home.

Babal thought that it was just a mistake, so he took the money and put it in a basket, and started selling his house.

Now Babu has no money and no one to take care of him.

Babingan’s family and friends started trying to save him, but unfortunately, they could not find a home