What do you do when you don’t get a gift? Here’s what to do…

IGN has learned that Nintendo will be offering a new Mario gift each month starting on April 1. 

The Nintendo Store will be stocking a range of Mario gift options starting at $20, with a few exclusive options being added each month. 

Here are the items that will be available:  Mario gift card: Get a Nintendo gift card for $20.

Mario sticker: Get an exclusive Mario sticker from the Mario Party game for $12. 

Mario sticker pack: Get one of five Mario stickers from the Nintendo Switch game for 50% off. 

Nintendo 3DS gift card – 30 days of Nintendo Wi-Fi Plus for $40. 

Nintendos Nintendo Gift Card: Get 20% off Nintendo 3DS for 30 days. 

Wii U Gift Card – 30 Days of Wi-fi on Wii U for $100. 

New Nintendo 3ds: Get two months of Nintendo eShop for $60. 

Gift cards from Amazon, eBay, and Walmart will also be available. 

To see the full list of Mario gifts, head to Nintendo’s Nintendo Store page.