Elephant pictures on the Internet: A look at what we saw on the internet

An elephant at a zoo in Thailand.

A woman riding an elephant at the Elephant Sanctuary in Bangkok.

Elephant photos on the web.

The wild animals were a source of fascination for thousands of people for decades.

They are also often a source for entertainment and even a source in some parts of the world for the sale of ivory.

There were also some serious animal trafficking rings that were run by corrupt officials, said Paul Gifford, a wildlife biologist with the Humane Society International.

A man takes photos of an elephant with a baby in front of its enclosure in Taipei, Taiwan, in April.

The man, identified by the AP as Wang Jing, is wanted by police in the United States for smuggling elephant tusks and elephant trophies.

He’s accused of taking ivory from a captive elephant, smuggling tusked elephants from Hong Kong to Thailand and selling them on the black market.

He and two other suspects are facing trial in Thailand, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

The elephants were hunted for their tuskers and ivory tusker trophies in the 1990s by some of the biggest animal traffickers in Asia, including the Thai government.

The animals were often hunted for trophies like the tusking of an Asian elephant or the tusk of a wild Asian elephant, Giffords said.

Some of the elephants that were trafficked to China for their ivory tusk and tuskin were smuggled from Laos, he said.

The ivory trade in Thailand is estimated to be worth $6 billion annually.

There are no international ivory markets in Thailand because it is a major hub for the trafficking of African and Asian elephants.

Some people also believe that elephants in Thailand are the most valuable living beings, said Andrew N. Ransom, a professor at Stanford University and author of “Thailand’s Secret.”

They are very charismatic, and there is a deep love for them.

That is why they are so valuable,” he said in an interview with the AP.

But some experts disagree, saying the country is a very poor nation and needs to do more to help its elephants.

They also have to understand that elephants are not just objects, they are very intelligent animals and need human care,” said Paul S. Voss, director of the Institute for African Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.