How to watch the republican elephant and its leader in Brisbane

The republican elephant was a big success last week in Brisbane, where the state government announced it would spend up to $1 million on the elephant’s upkeep.

But as the state’s capital was swamped with fans of the animals, ABC News found it was running into problems with the government.

Key points: The state’s republican elephant is a hit with people around the worldIt was named after Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and has become an icon for QueenslandThe elephant has become a local celebrity in Queensland, where it is known as “The Queen of Brisbane”The state’s premier and her family are expected to spend up until the end of March on the projectIt was announced last week that the state would spend $1.8 million on an elephant care project, but the elephant has yet to show up in the capital city of Brisbane.

A Queensland Government spokesperson said the state was working with a team of veterinary specialists and vets to ensure the elephant was properly cared for and that the animals would be kept safe.

“The Queensland Government is committed to maintaining the welfare of all of our wildlife, including the royal elephant,” the spokesperson said.

“As a result of the recent coronavirus pandemic, Queensland has been the target of a number of public health and animal welfare incidents.”

There have been incidents where a royal elephant was harmed and a Royal Commission into Cruelty to Animals was established in relation to the coronavid pandemic.

“The Queensland government is looking at what can be done to ensure that the royal animal is properly cared, the spokesperson added.ABC Brisbane has contacted the Queensland Government for comment.

The Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Forestry is also looking into the matter, the spokesman said.