How to find an attractive and charismatic female elephant in your life

We are all familiar with female elephants, but how do you find one that you will love?

According to experts, you need to find a male elephant.

If you are a fan of male elephants, you may be tempted to ask yourself how to find one who will attract you.

We want to help you find a perfect female elephant to have a fulfilling life.

If there are any tips to help us find the perfect male elephant, please share in the comments section below.

Female elephant pictures: 10 female elephants on display in Thailand | Photo Credit: Wikipedia/Flickr | 1.

Elephant, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2.

Male, Bagan, Thailand 3.

Female, Bago, Thailand 4.

Female and male, Pali, Thailand 5.

Male and female, Palanpur, Thailand 6.

Female elephants on the streets of Palanphet, Thailand 7.

Male elephant, Bajak, Thailand 8.

Male elephants in a temple in Nalanda, India 9.

Male Elephant, Palu, Thailand 10.

Male male elephant on the street in Malacca, Malaysia 11.

Female male elephant in an elephant sanctuary in Kolkata, India 12.

Male female elephant, Palen, Malaysia 13.

Female female elephant with a baby at her feet in Nanyang, Malaysia 14.

Male Male elephant on a motorbike in the jungle in the Andaman Sea in Thailand 15.

Female Female elephant in the jungles of Java, Indonesia 16.

Female Male elephant at a zoo in the city of Bangkok 17.

Male Female elephant on an island in Thailand 18.

Female Elephant, Surat Thani, Thailand 19.

Female in a zoo at an international wildlife park in the Philippines 20.

Male Mature Female Elephant at an aquarium in the island of Palawan, Philippines 21.

Female with baby elephant in her arms in Malaya, Malaysia 22.

Female lion, Sumatra, Indonesia 23.

Male lion cub at an Asian Elephant Museum in Sumatra 24.

Male Lion cub in the zoo in Palawan 25.

Male Leopard, Indonesia 26.

Male Tiger, Indonesia 27.

Male tiger cub in an enclosure at an animal sanctuary in Sumatran, Indonesia 28.

Male Asian Elephant, Sumatra, Indonesia 29.

Female Leopard cub at the Asian Elephant Zoo in Bali 30.

Female Lion cub at a conservation reserve in Mongolia 31.

Male African Elephant at a park in Tanzania 32.

Female African Elephant in a park on a tropical island in Madagascar 33.

Female giraffe, Kenya 34.

Female calf at the Zoo in Nairobi, Kenya 35.

Female Egyptian Lion in the Serengeti National Park in Kenya 36.

Female Ethiopian Lion in a wild country in Ethiopia 37.

Female bull elephant, Ethiopia 38.

Male calf calf in the wild in the Congo 39.

Male bull elephant in Kenya 40.

Female tiger cub at Nairobital zoo in Kenya 41.

Female Tiger cub in a forest in the forest in Kenya 42.

Female wild bull elephant at the African Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya 43.

Male Bull Elephant in the park in Nampula, Kenya 44.

Female leopard cub at Pali in Pala, Kenya 45.

Female Mature female Lion cub and female giraffe cub at Malaya’s Mauna Kea National Park 46.

Female Siberian Tiger cub at Zoo in Palalit, Kenya 47.

Female Giraffe cub and giraffe at Palalite zoo in Natal, Kenya 48.

Female Asian Elephant in Tanzania 49.

Female Bengal tiger cub and lion cub in Kenya 50.

Male giraffe in Kenya 51.

Male leopard in Kenya 52.

Female rhino cub at National Park Zoo in Kenya 53.

Male rhino in Kenya 54.

Male Tibetan tiger cub 55.

Male Bengal tiger in Kenya 56.

Male Rhino in Kenya 57.

Male black rhino and female tiger in India 58.

Male Black Rhino in India 59.

Male white rhino with African Elephant exhibit in Kenya 60.

Male White Rhino at an African Elephant park in Kenya 61.

Male wild lion in Kenya 62.

Female Nile crocodile, Ethiopia 63.

Male Nile crocodiles at Palawan Zoo in Thailand 64.

Male Ethiopian Lion at an elephant park in Nepal 65.

Female Gambian Lion cub on a beach in Gambia 66.

Male Gambian Leopard cub in Gambian national park in Zambia 67.

Male Cape buffalo cub in Tanzania 68.

Female buffalo in Kenya 69.

Male buffalo cub at Bali national park 70.

Male Buffalo cub in Namibia 71.

Female buffalos in Kenya 72.

Male mountain goat cub in Gabon 73.

Male goat cub at Sibir National Park 74.

Male camel cub in Jordan 75.

Male camels in Saudi Arabia 76.

Female camel cub at Lebanon national park 77.

Male Cattle Sheep in Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia 78.

Male Sheep in Israel 79.

Male sheep in Iran 80.

Male cow in Ethiopia 81.

Male donkey in Iran 82.

Male Dungeness crab in India 83.

Female crab in China 84. Male