When will the next AAA game release?

The next AAA release of the Oculus Rift will come in 2018, Oculus chief marketing officer Rob Case said at this year’s Oculus Connect developer conference.

This is an ambitious time for VR, he said.

For developers to get the most out of the hardware, they have to be creative.

“You have to innovate with it, you have to get it to be as good as you want it to,” Case said.

“But you also have to make sure it’s easy for developers to build on top of.”

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe told Polygon that the company will keep pushing to get developers up to speed with the technology.

“We are always trying to improve our platform,” he said, “and we want to continue to do that.

We’re also continuing to invest in education and community.”

We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

A year from now, the company’s next flagship product will likely have to compete against the Oculus Home and PlayStation VR.

That’s not an impossible task.

Iribe said that his company is “really excited” to bring the Oculus Touch controllers to market.

Oculus Rift Touch controllers, pictured, are not the only new hardware that Oculus is shipping.

The company has also launched its Oculus Touch camera and a new “eSports” mode for the headset.

There’s also a new camera that lets users shoot 360-degree videos.

The consumer version of Oculus Touch will be released in 2018.

The Rift has been an important part of the virtual reality revolution, but it’s been plagued by bugs and technical issues.

In May, the Rift was found to be unstable and unstable for some users, and it had to be updated to fix it.

There are many other problems that have plagued the Rift, including a low battery life, a poor camera, and a lack of compatibility with games.

Oculus has been working hard to address all of these issues, including the cameras, and Iribe also said that the Rift will be able to handle more VR content and that the camera will support more VR-related apps.

But even if the Rift can support more content and apps, the headset is only getting a little closer to becoming a fully-featured gaming device.

The VR headset currently costs $599, but that will go up to $799 in October 2018, and Oculus plans to raise the price of the Rift headset to $1,200 in the near future.

This all sounds good, but there are still a lot of issues to address.

Oculus is also working on a new, standalone gaming headset called Project Morpheus.

This headset will be cheaper, but the company isn’t saying exactly how much.

If you don’t mind waiting for another year, there’s always the Oculus Connect developers conference in May.