Elephant jumps into a lake for the first time

A new species of African elephant has jumped into a stream to feed on a fish in Africa’s southern Serengeti National Park.

The elephant, named Elephant Mokwa, was discovered in a river in the Namibian capital Nairobi on Monday, according to the Namibia Department of Wildlife.

It is the first recorded appearance of an African elephant in South Africa, according the Wildlife Services of Namibia.

“We are so happy with the species and its arrival in our Serengetsi National park.

This is a great day for conservation,” said Dovana Rokic, a researcher with the Department of Natural Resources.

The discovery came as a surprise to scientists, but it is important for the conservation efforts, the researchers said.

The park has a high population of wild elephants and other large mammals, including hippos, giraffes and rhinos.

Rokic said that while the new species was not known to the wild population, it was not unusual for an elephant to jump into a river.

“It’s not something that happens all the time, but sometimes, it does happen.

This one was jumping into the water, and it’s something that we don’t see all the times,” she said.”

And it’s a good indicator of the conservation effort.”