How to get rid of your baby elephant ear fungus: The first step

Posted by Axios on March 29, 2018 08:16:03In the wild, the ear fungus is an annual crop that has an estimated value of more than $1 billion.

The fungus is usually found on the ear, on the top of the ears, on an elephant’s head, and on the head of the elephant.

A large number of these ear fungi have developed resistance to most antibiotics and have been resistant to the most commonly prescribed antibiotic.

Antibiotics are designed to kill the fungus, but they have a tendency to cause more harm than good.

This is because the fungus is resistant to antibiotics and can grow stronger.

So the more antibiotic-resistant the ear of an elephant, the more it will become difficult for the animal to tolerate the antibiotic, which may lead to more severe infections.

The fungus can also cause a lot of damage to the ears and can even cause them to fail, as it is resistant.

If you have any concerns about your baby elephants ears, it is best to see a veterinarian or get a vet referral from a doctor.